I Don’t Like Heroine

I write romance, so I always have two main characters in my books: the Hero and the Heroine. *cringes* I loathe calling my female lead a heroine. She is not a drug. Yes, I know it’s not spelled the same, but it sure sounds alike. And when you’re talking to a writer friend in public about a book you’re working on, and you mention how your heroine is giving you trouble…Well, you can imagine the types of sideways glances people cast.


So, in an effort to keep myself from being labeled a drug addict (and a crazy one at that, because my heroines rarely act the way I want them to), I think I will start calling my lady lead a Shero. Say it with me. She-Ro. You know, like She-Ra. Princess of Power. The most powerful woman in the universe. When He-Man found out he had a long-lost twin sister, folks didn’t call her He-Woman. She got her own cool name with the appropriate pronoun and everything.


I like my female leads to be strong, independent women, so I think Shero is a fitting name. They don’t carry a Sword of Protection or ride a unicorn, but then again…I do write paranormal romance. Maybe I could pull it off!


In the meantime, I’ve got a great vampire werewolf paranormal romance you can read right now!


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